Dear business partners,
Let us introduce our company with the trading name KPB INTRA s.r.o., with the seat in Bučovice.

The main program of our company is development, production and sale of instrument current and voltage transformers. These appliances are intended for measuring and protection of high-voltage distribution systems of the internal as well as external type, for the highest voltage of the system of 3.6 – 40.5 kV. More detailed data about the offered products can be found in the enclosed technical sheets.

The transformers comply with requirements of IEC 61869-1, IEC 61869-2, IEC 61869-3, ČSN EN 61869-1, ČSN EN 61869-2, ČSN EN 61869-3, GOST 1983-89 and DIN 42600. In the past years, our products were approved by the Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Latvian, German, Austrian, Belarusian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian metrology institutes. At the present time we apply for approval of out products for the Romanian market.

Areál KPB INTRA s.r.o.All the transformers produced by our company undergo piece testing that is ensured by our testing and controlling department. Each transformer that leaves out company holds the Certificate of Product Quality and Completeness. In the customer service we offer to out clients the possibility of central calibration of transformers including issuance of reports. We provide 36-month guarantee to all products. The main objective of our company is to satisfy individual needs of clients to the maximum possible extent. Therefore we offer flexible small-batch production, quick supplies, sale service and post-sale service (transport, launching including prevention of failures, training, etc.) The standard time of delivery is 3 weeks, but we prefer individual agreement with a client. In urgent situations we are able to supply voltage transformers immediately and current transformers in five working days.

Since its establishment, KPB INTRA s. r. o. has kept growing. Our clients include not only domestic companies, but also a great number of foreign corporations. The biggest long-term clients include in particular ABB, AREVA, APPLIC, ČEZ, DRIBO, Elektrizace železnic Praha, E-ON, KPB INTRA Polska, Moeller Elektrotechnika, MSEM, PRE, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, STRATEX (Slovakia).

We are looking forward to our prospective cooperation