Quality Policy

Policy of quality, environmental protection and OSH

Company KPB INTRA s.r.o. was established in 1995. The company produces electrical devices with the specialization in the area of power engineering, i.e. production and distribution of electrical energy. Company management sets this policy to ensure continuous quality improvement of processes, products and service in accordance with standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Basic principles of company policy are:

Customer satisfaction
Meeting requirements of our customers is our main target. The environment is also understood as our customer. Satisfied customers bring us necessary means for growth and development. Therefore we always monitor customer satisfaction to improve our processes, service and products.

Continuous improvement
Basic prerequisite for continuous improvement is to set customer requirements and needs and their inclusion in production and controlling progresses. When monitoring processes and result analysis we realize an action to ensure continuous improvement with the emphasis on increasing quality of our products and prevention of environmental pollution.

Environmental sustainability
The company uses such methods, and uses such materials as much as possible to eliminate its impact on the environment. They try to produce as little waste and protect ground and surface water and air.

Product quality
Our target is to produce and deliver a product to a customer according to requirements while we follow relevant national and international law and other requirements. It is a permanent, constantly evolving process, derived from growing demands.
As a condition of doing business with U.S., we report annually conflict mineral data – i.e. information about the presence and the mining of Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum or Gold in our products. Selected minerals are called conflict minerals because their production is used as a source of financial support for war conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in neighboring countries.
KPB Intra s.r.o. declares:
The products of KPB Intra., as a part of doing business with the U.S., from the above mentioned minerals contains only Tin. The resourcing country for our tin is neither the Democratic Republic of the Congo nor its neighboring countries.

Observance of safety at work
The target is to create such conditions at work to prevent risky situations and eliminate a possibility of accidents. Further we try to provide adequate working environment which has a positive impact on quality of our products.

Responsibility of employers
Principles of this policy are obligatory for all our customers.

Ing. Robert Knápek
company director and CEO
valid from: 4.1.2011